A little admin...

A little admin…..

Parents and adult learners,

Please, please please, do not reschedule lessons unless absolutely unavoidable! I'm running at full capacity with a waiting list for the after school slots, and there just isn't the time to reschedule. If someone can swap with you, that's fine, and if cancellations arise you will be offered them, but remember - where this is not possible, condition 4 of the agreement you signed applies - i.e, the lesson is charged for as usual.

Here are some tips to avoid this;
- let me know if there are any teacher training days, polling days etc that we could fit missed lessons in on.
- consider having an online lesson via FaceTime or Skype. These can be great fun, and useful if travel or illness is an issue.
- make use of the occasional saturday morning lessons - these are up to 6 times a year.

Thank you! Now back to music….. :-)