Practice makes perfect?

One of the great myths is the idea that 'practice makes perfect'.
The truth is, 'Practice makes permanent'.

Practice is, by definition, a habit. And of course, there are good habits, and bad habits.

For example - on new pieces, at first, do spend more time reading than playing. Count aloud and clap the rhythms through. Check the notes & hand shapes. Establish logical and consistent finger patterns. Be patient with yourself. We all need thinking time when doing anything new; there's no such thing as 'too slow', particularly in the early stages.

Of course, we want to just get on and play - that's why we're here! But in rushing tempo, and unwittingly practicing incorrect rhythms and fingerings, we have to unlearn all that practice, and then practice it again the correct way. This can be very frustrating and time consuming. With a more conscious, patient approach to learning, you will actually save time, and have a more enjoyable learning experience. And then, maybe practice can make perfect after all!